December 9th, 2017
Concert Begins: 7pm (CST)
Doors Open: 6pm (CST)


What time does the concert start?

The concert begins promptly at 7 pm (CST). Doors to the Civic open at 6 pm to allow guests the opportunity to check their coats and find seats.

What should I wear to the concert?

Contrary to popular belief, formal attire — such as tuxedos and evening gowns — is not required at the Holiday at the Pops Concert. Some people will wear formal clothing, especially on the main floor. However most concertgoers, especially those in the balcony, wear less formal attire.

How many people attend the event?

This concert is well attended with 620 guests on the main floor and over 1,100 in the balcony. We generally block the balcony sections nearest to the stage where the line of site to stage is limited, but the rest of the balcony is full!

Is it reserved or open seating?

Main floor seats are reserved as guests purchase tables for ten. Balcony seating, however, is not assigned. That said, guests who purchase group seating (10 or more balconey tickets) have the option to request reserved seating for the evening. Those seats are opened to the general public at 6:45 -please plan to arrive prior to that time to take advantage of your reserved seating.

How is parking for the event?

Parking lot space is limited, however, off-site parking is available in the blocks surrounding the Civic Auditorium. The Foundation provides shuttles that drive the perimeter to assist concert attendees. Guests are also encouraged to park in the United Methodist Church parking lot, as shuttle service is available to and from the Civic and this parking lot.

Is this a child friendly event?

Yes – this is a family friendly event. Many of the songs are traditional holiday songs that even the kids will know and enjoy!

Can I bring food with me to the concert?

Please do not bring food or beverages into the facility. We will have some great options available for purchase at the event. If you are joining us on the main floor, we encourage you to pre-order from our refreshment form. These items will be waiting for you at your table when you arrive. Check back to view the pre-order, bar and snack menus as they are finalized.

Will there be a bar or other drink options available?

Yes. We will have a full bar on both the main floor and in the balcony. Please check back for a listing of the options available as they are finalized.

What if I’ve lost my tickets?

No problem – if you have the email confirming your purchase, simply print and bring it (or have available to show on your mobile device)! Can’t find your confirmation email? Simply contact our office.

Is the facility handicap accessible?

The Civic Auditorium meets regulations. Please access the building with the doors on the right side of the facility (or sponsor entrance), as there is a ramp to assist with accessing the facility. The Civic also has an elevator to assist you in accessing the balcony level.

The weather looks bad, will there be a performance?

Winter weather in Northwest Indiana is unpredictable. The concert will only be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions that threaten the safety of performers and concert attendees.  Any cancellations will be announced on this website and local radio. 
Ticket price is non-refundable.

Where can I get tickets to the concert?

Get your tickets here

Do you have Will Call ticket pick up?

Due to the number of attendees, we do not hold Will Call tickets for the event. If you purchase your tickets online, you’ll receive them via email eliminating the need for Will Call.

What does the concert raise funds for?

Beginning in 2016, The Holiday at the Pops raises funds to support the Children’s Fund through The Foundation. From supporting the Lil’ F.I.S.H. ClubTM Program to creating and sponsoring the Get Active, Get Fit! Program – this fund is used to educate, promote and support safety and healthy lifestyle choices for the youth in our community.

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